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Welcome Home Baby

Introducing my in person Postpartum Newborn Care Education Service

Welcoming a new baby into your home can feel like a whirlwind of information and emotions. For families seeking a more tailored and short-term support approach, my one-time, Postpartum Doula service is designed to kickstart your journey into parenthood.

Let me be your guiding hand in making the transition to parenthood a smoother, more confident experience.

My 4 hours in home visitation package is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to care for your newborn

This service includes

Newborn care education and daily routine 

  • Diaper changing

  • Swaddling techniques

  • Soothing methods

  • Bathing and hygiene

  • Nail and skin care

  • Safe sleeping practices

  • Nursery organization

  • Dressing your baby and more

Breast and Bottle feeding

  • Demonstration for optimal breastfeeding latch and positions

  • Distinguishing between nutritive feeding and comfort sucking

  • Establishing a steady milk supply

  • Guidance on pumping and safe breastmilk storage

  • When to introduce a bottle and how

  • Exclusive pumping guidance (if preferred)

  • Exclusive formula feeding (if preferred)

  • Referral to a local International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, for complex issues

  • One week unlimited text support

   Fee: $250.00

for 4 hours

Email me for availability

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