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PostPartum Services

I am a trained professional that offers physical, emotional, and spiritual, support to parents and the rest of the family. I also offer breastfeeding and formula feeding support, light household maintenance, family nurturing and instruction to the birthing parent and/or other family members in the care of a newborn. It is my job to make the transition to parenthood easier, to help the birthing parent during the recovery period and to ascertain what the family needs help with and provide the instruction. My main objective is not to take over complete care of the newborn, but to educate and support the family so that they will feel empowered to care for their baby themselves.  
















Postpartum Services Include


* Up to date on all vaccines including Covid-19

  • Practical and emotional support

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Formula feeding support

  • Pumping, milk storage & bottle education

  • Newborn care education

  • Newborn soothing techniques

  • Establishing a night time routine

  • Emotional and physical support

  • Making appropriate referrals if necessary

  • Helping the parents develop ways to become self-reliant and confident in their new skills

  • Some errand-running, light tidying, simple meal prep

  • Day time only shifts



Fees and Schedule

At this time I only offer daytime Post-Partum shifts with occasional nights

My package is for a minimum of 2 days a weeks and 4 hours a day.

With option to extend if available

$55.00 per hour for singleton 

$60.00 per hour for twins 


" She took excellent care of our son from 10pm-6am and taught us a ton."

Anne Benoit

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